Since 1946, VonLehman has maintained a steadfast dedication to our regional business community and its growth.  With offices in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana, providing innovative and Forward Thinking expertise is what helps us to make a difference.  Forward thinking is part of our steadfast dedication to our region and part of everything we do.  At VonLehman, that means providing various industry outreach programs -- sharing our knowledge as a CPA Firm and insight with businesses, industry groups and students within our region and nationwide, whenever possible.  From timely business tips to ongoing educational opportunities, VonLehman is consistently providing solution-oriented information to our region and our community.

Publications -- Throughout any given year, along with content on, VonLehman provides accounting and business advisory news releases, insights, articles and white papers to various media outlets, business journals, professional journals and trade publications in several industries.  Through print, online, video, and various combinations of media, VonLehman experts discuss any number of general-interest or industry-specific topics.  Many editors reach out to our experts to provide timely, topical and state-of-the-industry content that their readers need.  Editors know that VonLehman will always deliver.  In the construction industry, national publications include CPAmerica’s “Building for Success,” and “Wealth Advisor,” along with “Insights” by the Independent Electrical Contractors.  To request reprints or to see a list of topics, contact

Seminars, Work Shops, Television and Ongoing Education – State-of-the market accounting and business advisory expertise evolves alongside global business practices and developments.  At VonLehman, we are constantly learning and sharing leading-edge business knowledge, along with the fundamentals that have driven successful businesses for centuries.  VonLehman employees participate in many hours of continuing education sessions annually.  Subjects and course topics include accounting regulations, business ethics, and industry-specific best practices.  To share this ongoing knowledge, VonLehman provides an annual event for industry groups to review current industry trends.  And, along with an array of seminars and workshops, our experts also provide continuing education classes for clients and businesses throughout our community.  VonLehman believes that in order to truly serve and support the mission and business success of our clients and communities, we must always be at the forefront of business knowledge and then share that knowledge in a way that serves our region.  "Business Made Simple" is a regional television program in Northern Kentucky supported by VonLehman, clips of which can be viewed online.  A listing of annual events can be requested via

Accounting Classes in Construction --   Construction has some very specific needs when it comes to best practices -- both in accounting and in the building of a consistently profitable business.  Recognizing this early on, VonLehman’s Construction Service Group researched, prepared and tested a Construction-specific business curriculum for regional contractors.  Implemented and delivered through construction trade organizations, the VonLehman Construction Accounting Class has received excellent reviews and continues to evolve.  To learn more, contact

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