Critical Business Planning




Financial Resource Associates is an indpendent group of "Critical Business Planning" professionals who work with VonLehman as-needed as a key resource for companies or organizations seeking comprehensive assessment or facing critical decisions in their growth or business life cycle.   

As situations arise, VonLehman's new Critical Business Planning Teams combine vast expertise in accounting and business strategy with a leading team of crisis management, turnaround and corporate finance strategists.    

This indepentent but readily available esource, focused on privately-held firms and regional non-profits, is client-driven and the first of its kind in the region.  This exclusive team of experts will allow any business owner, at any stage of their business's life cycle, to comprehensively and objectively assess their situation and make informed, strategic choices based on expert evaluations of critical business functions and drivers.

Critical Business Planning Services – include, but are not limited to:

• Comprehensive Business Assessment
• Business Evaluation
• Turnaround Services
• Crisis Management
• Negotiation Advisory Services
• Expert Witness Services
• Early Stage Recognition of:
   - Recovery-Environment specific business factors impacting growth
   - Potential growth inhibitors
   - Potential growth opportunities

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