Strategic Advisory Services

Our Business Advisory Services Group helps organizations anticipate shifts in the marketplace and refine their strategies to adapt to changing conditions. We are experts in aligning strategy, processes and people to achieve specific, measurable outcomes. We help clients understand who their most profitable customers are and why. Then we teach them how to win customer loyalty in the face of intense competitive and price pressures. We follow the same disciplined approach when assessing competitors and market opportunities.

We have developed robust tools and methods to help our clients develop and execute winning strategic priorities. Our Strategic Advisory Services include:

Business Strategy & Growth Planning

We help organizations address business planning by developing executable strategies with specific, measurable goals and objectives. Using our ALIGNit Strategy Framework, we help companies answer fundamental questions in a structured and action oriented approach. This approach helps organizations:

  • Challenge alignment of vision, strategy and business processes
  • Evaluate and prioritize value drivers and value detractors
  • Align the organization around a common set of goal and objectives

If your organization is struggling with your strategy, our Business Advisory Services Group can help.

Customer Analysis & Market Research

Knowledge is power. A thorough understanding of your customers is paramount to long-term success. We help organizations understand who their best customers are and why. Applying proven market research tools and methods unlocks important insights into your success formula. Our Customer Profiling & Analysis Methodology provides a proven path to gleaning fresh insights and disqualifying perceptions. Leveraging this approach, clients can:

  • Segment clients and prospects based on common attributes
  • Tune the client portfolio and programs to maximize business value
  • Develop strategies to retain and grow high value segments
  • Identify and target programs to capture the right customers

If your organization is looking for fresh insight to help grow your business, our Business Advisory Services Group can help.

Competitive & Industry Benchmarking

Competition is a market reality. Understanding individual performance relative to industry peers provides needed perspective to deal with it. It drives needed leadership dialogue and helps focus improvements to seize market opportunities. Our team works with organizations to help assess financial and operational performance. Our InSIGHT value analysis and framework, provides a proven approach to pairing industry data and business performance. Our toolset enables our team to quickly unlock insights, align to value levers and introduce performance enhancing strategies.

We collaborate with leaders to qualify the market opportunities. We use benchmarks to help our clients understand their strengths and weaknesses. Then we develop strategies to exploit the strengths and address the deficiencies. Our breadth of functional and industry experience enables our team to help organizations develop best in class performance. If you want a new perspective on your industry, we can help.

Sales & Relationship Management Support

Complex sales require focus and discipline. Understanding stakeholders and organizing resources provide the edge to beat your competition. Our experienced team provides a suite of tools and methods to programmatically identify, target and develop strategic accounts. We help deploy proven management techniques to remain relevant and front of mind. Using our pragmatic approach to building trust, understanding unique client requirements and enhancing your value proposition to close the sale is fundamental to our thinking.

If you are seeking a partner to help you enhance your account management practices, we can help.

Financial Strategy & Capital Planning

Capital is a precious resource. Understanding how to effectively deploy it can be the difference between success and failure. Our team of advisors helps bring financial rigor to this critical decision. We leverage our finance, accounting and tax experience to understand and maximize potential results with limited capital resources. Our advisors are adept at creating detailed financial models to illustrate the pros and cons of various strategic decisions. We work with leadership to evaluate each scenario and then develop a financial strategy and capital structure to meet the needs of business and its stakeholders. As needed, we can tap our network to provide sources of capital.

If you are seeking an objective perspective to help with your financial strategy, we can help.

IT Strategy & Planning

Effective Information Technology (IT) solutions should serve as a catalyst for growth. Our team believes IT planning should start with a rigorous analysis of business needs and objectives. Too often, technology decisions lead the business. We believe this approach often leads to dilution of the business strategy and distracts precious resources.

Our PlanIT methodology provides a proven path to drive IT decisions that are rooted in business priorities. Our consultants start with defining critical business processes and then developing detailed requirements to drive an objective technology selection process. We help the business build a case for change and often assist with the execution to ensure benefits are realized. Selecting a solution and an appropriate IT partner is a decision that should not be taken lightly. If you need help in defining your business needs to better drive an informed technology decision, we can help.

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